Monday, September 27, 2010

Site Plan

Ruin Academy / Jong-Hua Road "Urban Core" Block (JUT Foundation), Ximen area, Taipei - Taiwan.

Ground Floor - "Archive"

Public walkway, blown up basement with olive trees, pile of top-soil with taro, fire-place, archive, 6 inch holes through the wall.

1st Floor - "Dormitory"

Sleeping-Working units for 4 students, kitchen, water, vegetable garden, bamboo, 6 inch holes through ceiling and floor.

3rd Floor - "Professor's Deck"
Moving bed, kitchen, water, bamboo, 6 inch holes in ceiling and floor.

4th Floor - "Lounge"

Fire-place, stage, water, bamboo, 6 inch holes through floor.

5th Floor - "Sauna"

Public Sauna, chill-out room, showers with bamboo + taro, wild tree, white gravel, 6 inch hole.



Drawings Marco Casagrande

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